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CommunicoTool Essential

9.99 usd

What is CommunicoTool Essential?CommunicoTool Essential is a non-verbal communication application created for children with language difficulties (autism, development disorders, genetic conditions) or the inability to communicate verbally for physiological reasons.
In what CommunicoTool Essential helps children to communicate?
CommunicoTool Essential offers a communication solution exchange images. Using pictograms and ideograms accompanied by a sound, this ergonomic application allows children to easily and intuitively understand how it works and thus express themselves more easily. In addition, this application is configurable and customizable by the supervisors or parents of children users to adapt to the environment of each. The environment of the user can create new icons from pictures taken with the tablet or found on the Internet. It is also possible to record sounds from the tablet to provide child-friendly icons.
How is built CommunicoTool Essential ?
CommunicoTool Essential consists of 3 modules allowing the child to interact and communicate :-A pictographic module for expression, learning and memorizing words everyday. This module also allows you to compose sentences by selecting a symbol "verb" and adding a pictogram "word". This allows you to switch to a more advanced stage of communication displayed.-A pictographic module for the expression of emotions and needs.-A module dedicated to the expression and evaluation of pain.
Who may need this application?
This application is intended for children with language disorders. It is available for individuals (families, supervisors).